Teams West Virginia Can Beat This Season


Morgantown, West Virginia – In the Big 12 this year, no team is truly bad. West Virginia seems to be the outlier among the rest of the conference, being the only team to NOT be above .500. For the fourth year under Head Coach Neal Brown, this is unacceptable. But this begs the question:

So who can West Virginia actually beat?

Right now? I can’t see another win on the schedule, and neither can ESPN’s FPI. They have West Virginia losing every single game, with the highest chance of winning being against Kansas State at home, giving us a 49.3% chance to beat them.

If that were to be our only win, what would our program look like next year?

Not good. We have great recruits coming in next year, but we also did this year, and we haven’t done anything with this talent. It is not like we have any recruits from Dana now, so there is no excuse in that department.

If I were to choose a team West Virginia were to beat, it would probably be Oklahoma. Oklahoma looks as BAD as West Virginia this season under first-year head coach Brent Ventables. This year is probably our only shot at beating the Sooners before they head to the SEC.

Aside from them, maybe Kansas State? They look vulnerable and their only good win was against a terrible Oklahoma team. Even then, that would only put us at 4-8, and this is supposed to be the “climb”.

Is the “Climb” dead?

More that it never started than dead. We have NEVER gotten over 6 wins with Neal Brown, and it is looking more and more unlikely that we ever will. This year, he is fighting for his job, but things have not worked out for him.

But he is a good guy!

He is a great guy, but being a good guy doesn’t win you football games. We need a coach that can truly make us “Climb” instead of fall down the stairs.

If Neal can turn things around this season, I will be happy to keep him. Anything less than 7 wins, then we need a coaching change this offseason.