Texas A&M and West Virginia Deal for Jimbo Fisher?

Morgantown, West Virginia – West Virginia University will soon be on the search for a new head coach after Neal Brown is inevitably fired following the team’s final two games of the season. At Texas A&M, Jimbo Fisher is going through his worst season of his 13 years as a head coach, and the fanbase there desperately wants to fire him.

However, Fisher is owed over $85 million in his contract buyout, which makes firing him nearly impossible. Fisher has a 37-21 record at Texas A&M, but he’s one of the highest paid head coaches in the nation and he’s expected to produce more, like national championships.

According to The Athletic, one agent had a very interesting idea to solve the problems at West Virginia and Texas A&M.

“When speaking last week about the tenuous situation at West Virginia, an agent threw out a funny, not-all-that-realistic hypothetical: How about Texas A&M boosters pool together $20 million-plus to pay the Mountaineers for Shane Lyons’ and Neal Brown’s buyouts and to take West Virginia native Jimbo Fisher off their hands?”

While this situation could potentially fix the issues at both schools, one of the schools would still have to come up with the $85+ million that he’s owed by Texas A&M.

If the buyout wasn’t an issue, Fisher to West Virginia makes an awful lot of sense for the university right now. Fisher is a proven winner at the highest level of competition, has won a national championship and as a Clarksburg, West Virginia native, he loves the state of West Virginia and understands the importance of winning for the school.

Although it’s unlikely that this will ever happen, like Jimbo Fisher recently said when asked about possibly returning home to coach the Mountaineers: “Home is home and you never say never.”