The #1 Player in West Virginia is an Absolute Athletic Freak

The fact that Jerrae Hawkins won the state championships in both the 100-meter dash and also the 200-meter dash at the State Track Meet is evidence that he is exceptionally fast.  Nevertheless, it seems he is sometimes taken aback by how quickly he can actually move.

The upcoming young 10th-grade athlete from Wheeling Park posted a time of 4.25 secs in the 40-yard dash while participating in a scout camp at Ohio State University the previous week.

Hawkins said, “I was a little fascinated when I saw the time.” “I knew it would be fast because several days earlier, I ran a 4.31 at West Virginia University. The only thing I didn’t realize was that I would be able to run a 4.25”.

Chris Daugherty, the coach for Wheeling Park, claimed that the team “had a concept,” although “I don’t believe any of us truly anticipated a 4.25.” No matter how old you are, 40 years old is a pretty significant milestone in anyone’s life. It really speaks volumes about his character that he would improve his time.

This type of pace is difficult to overlook, and as a result, it caught the eye of many of the coaches who were present.

Hawkins commented that many people were taken awed by the news. “Coaching staff from Ohio State and Akron University wanted to talk with me after the event,” Hawkins stated. 

Ever since the conclusion of the academic year, wideout and return specialist for the Patriots Hawkins has been keeping himself active by visiting camps at West Virginia University, Penn State University, and Ohio State University. Hawkins added that run physicals are normally conducted first, then participants are put through their routines in their respective positions before closing with one-on-one exercises against opposing defensive backs.

It would appear that he has had a positive experience everywhere he has traveled during the summer. A scholarship offer from Penn State was followed by a conversation with head coach Neal Brown at West Virginia, followed by a time of 4.25 seconds at Ohio State.

Because of an injury that restricted him to only five games last year in high school, Hawkins was only able to participate in a few of the season’s games. As a result, these camps are particularly significant to him. The highlight reel of five games is enough to get colleges interested, but coaches want to see up close and in-person action. 

Penn State was the sixth Division I institution to give Hawkins a scholarship, including West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Old Dominion, and Toledo. Daugherty believes that young Hawkins will make a decision regarding his college plans sooner rather than later, especially now that Ohio State has expressed interest in recruiting him.

After receiving offers from both Penn State and Pitt as well as West Virginia and Ohio State, “I don’t know what more you could ask for,” he said. All of those  programs are within driving distance, so you can bring along your loved ones and have them cheer you on from the sidelines.

On the other hand, Hawkins will have to finish his high school football career before he can begin the search for a college. It will be essential for him to maintain his health and play on the field throughout the upcoming season in order to demonstrate to colleges his full potential.

Hawkins stated that he is only considering participating in one or two additional college camps over the course of this summer. He is aware that he has more than enough time before the day of choice finally comes, so for even the most part, he is handling the entire process with a calm and collected demeanor.

“When I begin my formal trips next year, I will begin selecting my top 5 colleges,” said Hawkins. “It’s been a lot of fun so far getting to know different folks and observing how these fantastic schools operate,” he said.

When we think of speedsters that played at WVU, we think of guys like Tavon Austin, Steve Slaton, Pat White and probably the fastest to ever wear the old gold and blue was James Jett who was clocked at 4.27 and a gold medalist in the 1992 4×100 relay in Barcelona, and also spending 9 seasons in the NFL with the Raiders.

If Head Coach Neal Brown can land Jarrae “Tank” Hawkins in the 2024 class, it would be a major addition to a very talented group of 2023 recuits that just might be Neal Browns saving grace.