The Aspect of College Football Nobody Talks About

(Photo by Rick Kimball - Irish Sports Daily)

Mental health is something that affects everyone. No matter how much money you have, where you come from, how popular you are, or how well-known you are, we all have to keep check of what is going on in our heads. This includes those involved with College Football, as well.


The mental aspect of football is huge. Many coaches preach on it as something that can determine the outcome of a game, and it can. However, what is never touched on is if the players are simply okay. We never know what any player is going through behind closed doors.


Yesterday, a member of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish stepped up and was brave enough to admit that he needed some time away.


Jahmir Smith, a running back for the Fighting Irish, announced via Twitter yesterday that he has decided to step away from football. “I have decided that it is best for me to take some time away from football to work on improving my mental health,” Smith said in his tweet. He would also add that he was uncertain of “his future as a player at Notre Dame.”


We all want these players to do well on the field. Fans want them to score touchdowns, and help their team win games. However, we must root for these players off the field, as well. These players are humans just like us, and all have real-world issues that have to encounter every single day. That is why this decision by Smith should be fully supported by everyone around the nation, no matter what fanbase you belong to.


Smith is putting his own well-being above athletics and the Fighting Irish, and I applaud him for that. He was unafraid to admit that whatever it is he is going through, he is just not okay at the moment. Whether or not he plays another down on a football field is his choice, but as a fan of the Mountaineers, he has gained a supporter in me.


Get well soon, Jahmir.