The Big 12 Has Won the COVID-19 Scheduling Battle

(Photo by WVU Athletics)

Let’s be honest, nobody believed we would make it to this point of the 2020 College Football season. COVID-19 has dictated our daily lives throughout the majority of 2020, and the sport we love was expected to be one of the casualties in its path. But here we are, with conference championships on the horizon, and bowl season around the corner.

College Football has for the most part won the battle against COVID-19. However, one conference has done a better job than all of the rest in maintaining their complete schedule. That conference is the Big 12.


Per Max Olson of The Athletic, both Oklahoma and Baylor have cleared COVID-19 protocols, meaning that the matchup between the two tomorrow night can go on as scheduled. What this also means is a huge victory for the Big 12 Conference.

Olson would go on to share that with this news, the Big 12 has had only three games all season affected by the pandemic – all three of which have avoided cancellation and only suffered postponement. Back during the summer, it was the Big 12 who saved the College Football season, and it has been them that has been most successful combating the virus.


Iowa State director of athletics, Jamie Pollard, would also share some terrific news regarding West Virginia and his school. After the Mountaineers and Cyclones both cleared protocols on Friday, the two teams have continued their impressive streak of being unaffected by COVID-19 this season. Both programs have outstanding leadership from the ground up, and it has shown in their containment of a spread of the disease this season.




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Clark Johnson
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