The Big 12 is Weighing Their Options

With four of the five Power 5 conferences already announcing plans for their 2020 College Football season, the Big 12 has been left in the dust. A decision is expected sooner rather than later, but their opportunity to set themselves apart as leaders has come and gone.

Nonetheless, we are beginning to see reports as to what we can expect from the Big 12 when they meet to discuss the season on Monday.

According to Brett McMurphy of Stadium, the Big 12 has virtually passed on a 9-game conference only schedule. What is likely to come of the meeting is a 9-conference games plus one non-conference game model, or the league may allow schools to schedule as many non-conference games as they want.

At the moment, WVU only has one non-conference game left on their schedule in Eastern Kentucky. That game is set for September 12th.

This morning, G. Allan Taylor of The Athletic also reported that WVU is in preparation of moving this non-conference game to as early as August 29th — College Football’s week zero.


Things are about to get interesting in the Big 12 and around the nation, and we will have it all for you here on The Voice of Motown.