The Climb Can Officially Begin Today

(Photo by WVU Athletics) 


Today, the West Virginia Mountaineers will be looking to do something they have yet to do under Neal Brown – defeat Texas Tech. Sitting at 0-3 against the Red Raiders, the boys out in Lubbock, Texas just seem to have Brown’s number for some reason. Nonetheless, today is a new opportunity for Brown to finally conquer his Big 12 Goliath.

Should he finally find a way to take down Texas Tech, then this could officially be the beginning of something huge. It could be a step in the right direction for the program. With a victory in Lubbock today, the “Climb” could officially be a go in Morgantown.

Allow me to explain my reasoning here.

Like I stated previously, for some odd reason Texas Tech just has Brown’s number. The Red Raiders have a new coaching staff, yes, but a lot of players on this squad are the same that have been there since Brown has been competing against them. With a win, it would finally show that WVU has made the strides to become take down those who have just seemed so far ahead of them in the conference.

This would also make them 4-3 with a 2-2 record in Big 12 play with a huge opportunity against a nationally ranked TCU on the horizon. After such a disappointing 0-2 start, to have this opportunity to finally string together some success shows this team is built to face adversity.

Sometimes a climb isn’t straight up and down. Sometimes it’s rocky and is up and down. Though all has seemed lost at so many times, gears could really begin churning in Morgantown today. They just have to finally accomplish something that has seemed impossible in the past.

Beat Texas Tech!