The Curious Case of Sam Brown

Morgantown, West Virginia – True freshman Sam Brown appeared to have an incredibly bright future ahead for the West Virginia Mountaineers.  He started his first game at wide receiver for West Virginia, catching 4 passes for 43 yards against Eastern Kentucky in the team’s opener.

And then…poof, he was gone.

Since being a go-to receiver in the Mountaineers’ opener, Sam Brown has been nowhere to be found.  Except on Twitter.

Brown posted the following message on his social media account recently before quickly deleting it: “I can’t wait until this is over.”  He followed up the message by saying, “By the way, I just tweet how I feel don’t jump to conclusions.”

Typically, I wouldn’t read too much into a college athlete’s thoughts on social media.  However, it’s becoming abundantly clear that either Sam Brown isn’t happy at West Virginia University or Neal Brown isn’t happy with Sam Brown at West Virginia University, or both.

You just don’t go from being a day one starter to not seeing the field without there being something up.  Although Brown has been praised during workouts for his ability and his potential, he has reportedly been unhappy in Morgantown.  Brown, who is originally from Savannah, Georgia, has been reported to be “home sick.”  This, of course, is the case for many college freshman, but perhaps it is hitting Brown harder than others.

Whatever the case is, Brown has gone from one of the real bright spots on the offensive side of the ball to a fading star on the sidelines.  Brown appears to feel that his current situation is out of his control, saying, “I know what I can do, that’s all that matters.  I just control myself.”

Hopefully Sam Brown remains a Mountaineer and gets back on the field very soon.  He is an incredibly gifted athlete who could be a real star at West Virginia.

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Brad Smith
Brad Smith, "The Voice of Morgantown", is the most trusted, accomplished name in West Virginia sports journalism. Smith is the foremost, preeminent authority on West Virginia athletics and a lifelong fan of the Mountaineers. Smith, a proud graduate of West Virginia University, resides in Morgantown most of the year, but has a home in Jacksonville, Florida, where he lives during the winter.