The Details of Bob Huggins’ Arrest Are Frightening

According to the criminal complaint against Bob Huggins, he blew a 0.21 on the breathalyzer and didn’t know what city he was in.  

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Bob Huggins was arrested for drinking and driving in Pittsburgh last night and the scary details of the arrest are now starting to surface.

According to the criminal complaint filed against him, Huggins blew a 0.21 on the breathalyzer, which is almost 3 times the legal limit of 0.08. He was also unable to pass the field sobriety test and didn’t even know what city he was in.

The arresting officer had the following to say in his report about Huggins: “Huggins was unable to explain how his tire got shredded or how he was going to fix it by turning around in the middle of the street. He was unable to say where he was. He stated he was watching basketball with his brother at a basketball camp. When asked where the camp was, Huggins stated “Sherrodsville.” Huggins could not tell us how he got to Pittsburgh. Huggins told the officer that he remembered stopping at a Burger King and had a receipt. The Burger King was located in Washington, PA, and Huggins could not explain how he was in Pittsburgh.”

When the officer asked him to step out of his vehicle, Huggins was “swaying backwards into the vehicle almost falling back into the driver’s seat. The officer also observed empty beer cans in a white garbage bag on the front, passenger floorboard of Huggins’ vehicle. In the trunk of the vehicle was another white garbage bag of empty metal beer bottles.”

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