The Game Has Changed But Bob Huggins Never Will

Morgantown, West Virginia – Make no mistake about it, next year’s basketball season has potential to be an absolute disaster. 

Losing Taz Sherman, Sean McNeil, Gabe Osabuohien, Pauly Paulicap, Dimon Carrigan, Kedrian Johnson and Malik Curry will make rebuilding the team a massive undertaking for Bob Huggins.

If he returns for another year.

It’s hard to imagine Bob Huggins, at 68 years old and with nothing left to prove, getting excited about a roster featuring Jalen Bridges, Isaiah Cottrell, Seth Wilson, James Okonkwo, Jamel King and Seny Ndiaye.

To make matters even worse, Bob Huggins doesn’t like the idea of using the transfer portal to improve his team. Although Huggins has had some success in the portal, he is old school and prefers recruiting high school players.

“Honestly, we probably didn’t do a good job in the portal,” Huggins said earlier today. “I don’t think the transfer portal is good for your fans. I don’t think years from now our fans are going to be talking about a guy who played here for a year. I kind of favor having the guys here for multiple years.”

The game of college basketball has made incredible changes over the past decade, but Bob Huggins is still Bob Huggins, and he always will be Bob Huggins.

This, of course, is ultimately detrimental for the future of the West Virginia basketball program. Flexibility and the ability to adapt are keys to coaching college athletics, and despite his greatness, Bob Huggins does not possess the capacity to grow with the changing landscape of today’s game.

Although Huggins is one of the most accomplished and skilled head coaches in the history of college basketball, it seems incredibly unlikely that he will be able to change and rebuild his program in today’s climate. Winning a national championship is the only thing Bob Huggins has left to do in his remarkable career. Unfortunately, the chances of it happening are extremely improbable.