The Impact of Fan Responses to Kerry Martin’s Quran Quote

Morgantown, West Virginia – Following West Virginia University’s announcement that defensive coordinator Vic Koenning would no longer be retained, sophomore defensive back Kerry Martin, Jr. – at the center of the controversy – immediately posted a quote from the Quran on his social media account.  The Quran is the central religious text of Islam and believed by Muslims to be a revelation from God.

Martin’s message on social media was perhaps unrelated to Koenning’s dismissal, but many people took it as a slap in the face to his former defensive, who was accused of pushing his Christianity on his players.

Many West Virginia fans saw this and immediately reacted with anger and vitriol.  Though some were supportive of him, most of the messages were vicious, calling Martin a “crybaby”, “an arrogant prick”, asking him to “transfer”, etc.  Here is a small sampling of the replies he received to his Quran quote from “fans” (name have been removed for privacy):


These were replies sent directly to Kerry Martin, Jr., a young man who was brave enough to speak out against his coach.  This is a lot for anyone to handle but particularly for a 20 year old in the middle of a major university scandal.

To be called a “slave owner”, to be told to transfer, to be told that you’ve ruined a man’s life, etc, is simply unfair and the worst possible reaction that fans could possibly have during a time like this.

Potential recruits are watching.  How are players treated when the going gets tough?  Does the fanbase rally around an in-state player who chose to play for his home state, or do they turn their backs on the players and disown them for a 60 year old white man who has been in the state for one year?

Unfortunately, rather than keeping their thoughts and feelings and emotions in check, many people in our fanbase reacted negatively and impulsively.  At a time when West Virginia fans could prove that they are the best, most supportive in the nation, we once again fell short.