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We all have bad days – October 25, 2018 was simply a bad day for Baylor quarterback Charlie Brewer.

Not only did his team lose 58-14 to the Mountaineers, but he would play what was easily the worst game of his career in Morgantown.

His time would be limited due to a head injury, but Brewer would finish the game completing only 1-of-8 passes for 22 yards and a whopping three interceptions. Yes, three interceptions in only eight pass attempts. His total QBR for the contest was 0.2. Anytime your quarterback performs that poorly, nothing good can come from it for your team.

If WVU can once again knock Brewer off of his game, they will be well set up to win on Saturday. It does not necessarily have to be to the extent of how bad he was in 2018, but anything remotely similar to it – minus the injury – will be good enough for us.

Baylor is 0-4 all-time playing in Morgantown.

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