The Mountaineers Mystery Commit

Morgantown, West Virginia – Yesterday evening, West Virginia University’s Defensive Recruiting Coordinator Trey Neyer posted a message on social media that started a firestorm of speculation and opinions about who the Mountaineers newest player might be.

Neyer’s MEME (taken from HBO’s outstanding comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm) said the following: “It’s Big.”  “How big?”  “Really big.”  “Wow.”  In addition, Neyer added #TakeMeHome with eyeballs popping out emojis.  Welcome to 2020.  See below:

What we can gather from Neyer’s message is the following – it’s likely a defensive player and the recruit is a really, really big deal.  The only other times this staff has reacted in this way about a commit was when four star wide receiver Kaden Prather committed on June 6th and when in-state, four star offensive lineman committed on March 6th.

Prather and Milum were big.  Like, really big for the West Virginia football program.  Kaden Prather is monster target with offers from virtually every major program in the country and Wyatt Milum is the top player in the state of West Virginia, a top 50 recruit nationally and will likely be a five star prospect before coming to Morgantown.

So for the staff to react in the way they did yesterday on social media, the newest commit is almost certainly on the level of a Kaden Prather or Wyatt Milum, or perhaps even better.

With Prather, Milum and four star running back Jaylen Anderson already committed to play for the Mountaineers next season, West Virginia already has an outstanding class.  Another huge recruit could push the Mountaineers’ 2021 class to one of its best ever.

With that said, here are a few potential recruits that Neyer could be referring to in his mysterious social media post:

Markus Allen (WR, Clayton, Ohio, 3 stars) – Although Allen is an offensive player and Neyer is the defensive recruiting coordinator, Neyer has liked several of Allen’s messages on social media since Allen de-committed from Michigan last month.

Allen, a 6’3 wide receiver, is one of the top players in the state of Ohio and is projected as a Power 5 starter in college.  Although West Virginia is loaded with talent at wide receiver, Allen would be a big-time get.

Deshauwn Alleyne (LB, Port Saint Lucie, FL, 3 stars) – Alleyne is an interesting recruit because he’s clearly undervalued by recruiting experts with offers from Auburn, Kentucky, Nebraska, Michigan, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Tennessee and most recently, West Virginia.

West Virginia came on the scene for Alleyne late and were the last team to offer him, but perhaps he was very impressed with what he saw from the Mountaineers coaching staff.

A Flip from Another Program – The most likely option, a player who has committed to another program has decided to de-commit and has settled on West Virginia.  However, for whatever reason, they are simply not ready to announce that they have moved on from the other program.

If this is the case, it could literally be anyone.  However, it’s almost certainly an elite athlete (four or five stars) on the defensive side of the ball.  Whoever it is, he will obviously be a welcome addition to an already exceptional 2021 recruiting class!