The Only Way for WVU Fans to Fix This Mess is to Stop Attending Games

Morgantown, West Virginia – I can’t believe that it’s gotten to this point. I can’t believe that this is where we are.

Sitting in last place in the Big 12 Conference, no real hope of a bowl game, zero progress on the field, there is no light at the end of the tunnel for the West Virginia football program.

Director of Athletics Shane Lyons has made it clear with his silence that he will allow what’s happening to continue not just this year but also into next year. Lyons’ future is tied to the successes or failures of Neal Brown, and he will indignantly ride this sinking ship until it is fully underwater.

The only way for Lyons to be stopped is for fans to take action. This is a hard ask because West Virginians are notoriously loyal and will stand behind their Mountaineers no matter what. 

To be clear, this is not the players’ fault and really, it isn’t Neal Brown’s fault either. He did the best he could, but he’s in over his head and he’s just not a Power 5 Conference coach.

This is Shane Lyons’ fault. He put the university and our beloved program in an impossible situation and there’s really only way way out of it.

Fans have to stop supporting what’s happening right now. That doesn’t mean anyone should give up on the players, but a stand has to be taken and it has to be taken now. 

West Virginia fans must stop attending home games if we really want action to happen. The only way to communicate with the people that matter is by making affecting how much money they make. Money talks.

If there is another 50,000-55,00 fans at Milan Puskar Stadium dressed in their gold and blue for the final two games of the season, everything appears to look okay.

The only way for West Virginia fans to appropriately voice their displeasure and inspire change is to make it clear that they won’t support the program financially until a change is made.

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Brad Smith
Brad Smith, "The Voice of Morgantown", is the most trusted, accomplished name in West Virginia sports journalism. Smith is the foremost, preeminent authority on West Virginia athletics and a lifelong fan of the Mountaineers. Smith, a proud graduate of West Virginia University, resides in Morgantown most of the year, but has a home in Jacksonville, Florida, where he lives during the winter.