The Perfect Storm Could Brew for Nicco

(Photo by WVU Athletics)


West Virginia is in a pretty rough spot.

Sitting at 3-4 and 1-3 in Big 12 play (which includes a home loss to Kansas), they are now fighting for their bowl lives once again. With TCU, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Kansas State, and Oklahoma State on the horizon, they can only afford two more losses. Looking at that remaining schedule, it’s hard to even find a single “for sure” win, because there really isn’t any.

Should this thing continue to come off the rails for the Mountaineers, we could expect to see some of the younger players receive playing time. There are several talented freshman on the roster – many who are expected to have key roles one day.

One player in particular that comes to mind is quarterback Nicco Marchiol. The four-star recruit has been the talk of Morgantown since he committed, and rightfully so. He has all of the skills to be an incredible player in the Gold and Blue.

For now, J.T. Daniels will remain WVU’s starter. However, a perfect storm could brew for Nicco to finally see the field.

In college football, you are allowed to play up to four games before you redshirt. Marchiol’s only appearance this season came in a 65-7 rout of Towson, where he threw his first career touchdown pass. He can now appear in up to three more games without having to give up his redshirt.

While Daniels hasn’t necessarily done anything to warrant a benching, should the Mountaineers lose two or three more games, is there really any reason to continue to throw him out there? What would be the good in that?

Instead of continuing to throw Daniels out there in a lost season, putting Nicco in at quarterback to gain experience just makes too much sense. It could preserve Daniels for a possible return in 2023, all while giving Nicco the chance at true game experience. You’re protecting one player for success in the near future while giving the player seen as your long-term future pivotal game experience.

I see no losses here.

I’m just a simple fan saying all of this, yes. I don’t have the big time college football experience to make the important calls and situational decisions. But can anyone really come up with a counter argument for this? If so, I would really like to hear it.

The future is bright with Nicco at signal-caller! Hopefully we will get our first look at him sooner rather than later!