The Reviews Are In For Bob Huggins As a Guest Analyst

Morgantown, West Virginia – Legendary West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins spent the last two days as a guest analyst for the NCAA Tournament, and although he is one of the most respected coaches in college basketball, it appears that he’s more of an acquired taste for most people as a television personality.

Looking at the social media reaction to Huggins’ appearance, a majority of the viewers struggled to understand why TBT/TNT hired him for the job, calling him “monotone”, “boring”, “half-asleep”, “low energy”, etc.

Here’s just a sampling of comments about Huggins from last night:

However, there were some viewers who appreciated his knowledge of the game and dry wit:

Overall, approximately 75-80% of the comments on social media were negative about Huggins’ two-day stint as an analyst, mostly citing his “lack of energy” and “boring delivery.” As West Virginia fans, however, we know that that is just Bob Huggins being Bob Huggins.