The Voice of Motown Proudly F*cking Endorses Jim Justice for Governor in 2020

The Voice of Motown, West Virginia’s most influential media outlet, proudly endorses Jim Justice for Governor of the state.  Justice, who was recently named the least popular incumbent facing reelection in 2020 by the Democratic Governor’s Association, has faced harsh criticism from West Virginians during the COVID-19 crisis.

Justice’s long, rambling, often off topic speeches have failed to comfort the people of West Virginia and most recently accidentally said “f*cking” when discussing the guidelines for re-opening the state.  Justice claims that it was simply an “audio glitch”, but after several listens, it’s impossible to determine what else he could have been going for in the context of the sentence.

With this said, Justice – despite being a billionaire – is a man of the people and deserves another term in office.  He has shown to be fairly competent in every way, shape, form and fashion as the Governor since 2017.

Justice’s reason for running again is simple: “The further I go, the more I believe just this: I believe there’s work still to be done.  “Time goes really fast,” Justice said. “We’ve still got so many challenges in front of us. There’s still so many people to help. That’s exactly what’s driving my decision.”

Justice has a close friendship/relationship with President Donald Trump, who the The Voice of Motown also recently endorsed for his presidential re-election, and we firmly believe that four more years of Jim Justice and Donald Trump is what is best for the great state of West Virginia.