The Voice of Motown Speaks to Another Anonymous Transfer Football Player

Morgantown, West Virginia – The Voice of Motown recently published an anonymous interview from a player who transferred from West Virginia during the offseason. The player (Player A) explained why he thought the Mountaineers have lost so many players to the transfer portal over the past two season.

Player A explained that he thought the coaching staff was doing everything they could to make the West Virginia football program great again.

Player A gave an extremely positive review of his time at West Virginia University. To be fair, The Voice of Motown reached out to another recent transfer player to see how his experience compared to Player A’s time in Morgantown.

Again, to be completely transparent, we paid the player (Player B) for his time and this player also asked to remain anonymous. Player B spent several years in the program and had the following to say about the West Virginia football program and staff:

“I think a lot of players are leaving because they feel they are being undervalued at WVU. These guys that are leaving are looking for a place that’s going to take them to the next level and WVU isn’t doing that right now honestly.”

We asked, “Do you think that the coaching staff is the issue?”

“Well, it’s a big part of it. Just think some of the guys came in during the time Dana (Holgorsen) was here and then a whole new coaching staff came in and it’s not like we are keeping the same coaches year after year. Position coaches and strength coaches keep leaving. On another note, these coaches aren’t 100% honest. Who wants to be a part of a program that’s not winning and each year there’s a chance you’ll have a new position coach. I feel like this is the main reason starters keep leaving and they will continue to leave if we don’t fix it.”

Did black players have issues with the way Neal Brown handled the Vic Koenning/Kerry Martin, Jr. situation? 

“I mean, yes. Nothing would have happened until Kerry took to Instagram. It took him doing that for Coach Brown to even do something.

If he hadn’t put it out there publicly, Vic would still have his job and there would have never been an investigation.”

When you say that the coaches aren’t 100% honest, what do you mean exactly?

“I mean they sell some guys the dream that if they come here, they are going to start and they are going to take care of you and this and that. And then when you get there, all they were saying goes right down the drain.

I get that it’s a recruiting process, but don’t preach how real you are and turn around and lie to my face just to get me here.

Some of the player just felt like they were being totally overlooked. It’s a business, I get that, so you play the best guys for the best chance to win, but if your best guys are getting beat 30-0, there needs to be some type of change.

Why keep doing the same thing expecting it to work when it didn’t work for the past 3 years?”

Overall, how was your experience at West Virginia University? 

“I did feel overlooked, but I’m not mad at the staff in any way. They treated me with respect and made sure I was always good.

Do you think Neal Brown is the right leader for the program?

“Yes, I think he is.”