There Could Be More to Garrett Greene Not Playing Today

Morgantown, West Virginia – To be clear, the last thing anyone wants is for Garrett Greene to leave West Virginia University and decide to transfer, but could anyone really blame him if he does?

Greene didn’t travel with the team for today’s game at Kansas Sate and although rumors of him suffering a “slight concussion” surfaced earlier this week, there also could be much more to this story.

Greene, a redshirt freshman who has played only sparingly behind starter Jarret Doege for two seasons, has not been given a real opportunity to prove himself and he may never get that shot at West Virginia.

What’s become very evident this season is that Neal Brown doesn’t trust Garrett Greene to throw the ball down field and with Will “Goose” Crowder – who Brown gushes over every opportunity he gets – and sensational freshman Nicco Marchiol joining the team next season, what kind of future does Greene really have in Morgantown?

Brown has relegated Greene to a one-dimensional player who he simply does not want to throw the ball downfield.  Let’s remember that Greene was a former four star Elite 11 quarterback out of high school who is extremely capable of passing the ball downfield with accuracy.

The Elite 11 competition is reserved for the very best quarterbacks in the nation and Greene shined at the event.  For Brown to argue that he’s not capable of throwing passes downfield better that Jarret Doege is absolutely ludicrous.

Garrett Greene is a bright, fiery, competitive young man who wants to compete and wants to compete now, not sit patiently on the sidelines behind someone he knows that he’s better than.

When student athletes are involved, it’s important to consider what’s best for the young men.  Obviously Neal Brown and Mountaineer fans would like for Garrett Greene to remain with the team for the next four years, but can anyone honestly say that this is what is best for this young man’s future?

Let’s hope that Greene is truly only suffering from a very minor injury and will be back next week against Texas, but would anyone really blame him if he does what’s best for himself by leaving West Virginia?