Tony Caridi Hints That Only One Player Will Remain From Last Year’s Basketball Team

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Several of the players on last year’s basketball team have decided to move on over the last couple of weeks, including Kerr Kriisa, Seth Wilson, Kobe Johnson, Ali Ragab and Jeremiah Bembry, leaving only Noah Farrakhan and Ofri Naveh from last year’s roster.

Tonight on Sportsline, WVU commentator Tony Caridi hinted that that could soon change. “Two players from last year’s team remain, Noah Farrakhan and Ofri Naveh,” Caridi said. “It’s not done yet, but there’s probably going to be one more gone, so I think the last man standing will be Ofri Naveh. All indications are he’ll be the last man standing.”

Caridi went on to say, “I hope Naveh does stay. I hope as time goes on, as he plays here for his entire eligibility, that he has a really good career. It would be really neat, like last man standing. We’ll always remember that he was the one guy, the one guy that hung in there. So it looks like so far that Ofri is in and in all likelihood that Noah Farrakhan will be in the portal.”

Naveh, a 6’6 freshman from Israel, averaged 2.6 points and 2.5 rebounds per game in limited time last season for the Mountaineers. Naveh started 7 games at the beginning of the season, but his court time decreased as the season went on and other players were eligible to play.

Farrakahan, a 6’1 senior, had an up-and-down season in his only year with West Virginia, averaging 7.0 points 3.0 rebounds and 1.7 assists per game. Farrakhan is an exceptional offensive talent and will almost certainly find a new home to finish his college career quickly.