Top 5 Uniform Combinations for the Mountaineers

Aug 31, 2019; Morgantown, WV, USA; West Virginia Mountaineers wide receiver TJ Simmons (1) celebrates with West Virginia Mountaineers wide receiver Tevin Bush (14) after Bush caught a touchdown pass during the fourth quarter against the James Madison Dukes at Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

WVU has some of the most iconic uniforms in all of College Football. Today, we will be ranking the top 5 uniform combinations for the Mountaineers.

(This list is entirely the opinion of the writer. Please do not take your frustrations to the comment section because you disagree, Karen.)


5. White Helmets, Gold Jerseys, White Pants

This combination is oddly unique. Though the colors do not necessarily blend well together, no other team in College Football could pull off this uniform. The Mountaineers haven’t worn this combination since getting their new set, but with their new clean look, it may look even better now.


4. Blue Helmets, Blue Jerseys, White Pants

This uniform has a very traditional feel to it, though it really isn’t that traditional. The blue and the white go very well together. Once again, this combination has not been worn with the updated set of uniforms, but the cleaner look could make this combination sleeker.


3. Blue Helmets, Gold Jerseys, Blue Pants

West Virginia’s uniform combination for “stripe the stadium” games has become somewhat of a fan favorite. All traditional colors, and it brings a sort of “flash” with it. This combination would have certainly been higher on my list had the last two sets not been so naturally awesome.


2. White Helmets, White Jerseys, White Pants

I’m not sure how anybody could not agree these are the Mountaineers’ best road uniforms. West Virginia’s “storm trooper” uniforms are easily the most unique set the team has as they have a distinct appearance, but obviously feel like a nightmare for the team’s equipment managers. However, this set just doesn’t quite hold up as well for the Old Gold & Blue as the number one uniform combination on this list.


  1. Blue Helmets, Blue Jerseys, Gold Pants

It truly doesn’t get anymore traditional for the Mountaineers than this. This combination is always a good callback to what we love most about West Virginia Football, the Old Gold and Blue. Something about watching the guys run around the field in the combination they have worn a thousand times over just makes the atmosphere of a game feel like home. Blue helmets, blue jerseys, and gold pants will always be the best uniform combination for the Mountaineers, and it is hard for anyone else to argue otherwise.