Truck Bryant has changed the Social Media Game

If you tune into Truck Bryant’s outstanding Instagram Live show, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard before.  Bryant, the West Virginia point guard from 2008 to 2012, has built an incredible network of basketball players and it’s not unusual to see current NBA stars like Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, Dion Waiters or Lou Williams to hop in to participate in his show.

There’s an energy and vibe on Truck’s show that is simply unmatched.  Bryant, who has labeled himself “Mr. Unmatched”, has almost a language of his own and refuses to talk about anything but basketball.  If his guests or viewers get off topic, Bryant “clips” them, which means he removes them immediately from the show.  Truck’s show is all about positivity and basketball, and any negativity or off topic comments leads to Bryant sending them to “LA.”  Not LA Clippers, not LA Lakers, LA “Clipping.”

Most of the discussion on the show is who would win one on one matchups between current and former players, as well as paying homage to living legends like Olden Polynice, who stopped by to talk to Truck last night.  Polynice, who played in the NBA on and off from 1987 to 2003, shared stories on the show about growing up across the street from Rucker Park in Harlem and the time he broke up a fight during practice between Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal.

In a moment of pure comedy, stopped Polynice during one of his stories and said, “Hold up, OG…just a second, OG…I’m on FIRE.  I’m on FIRE!”  Polynice said, “Okay good”, then continued with his story.  Truck often reminds his audience that he’s on fire and it’s hard to question.  With hundreds, sometimes thousands of viewers, on his show, he’s quickly becoming one of the most talked about and hottest people on Instagram.

Bryant will now take his show to a podcast and there is no doubt that he will take over that platform as well.  Truck has been described as part Stephen A. Smith, part Kevin Hart, but really, there’s only one Truck Bryant.

If you’ve not listened, here are some common phrases you’ll hear and their meanings:

“He must have falled down and bumped his bawwwwled head.” – Jarrett Jack was talking about Truck in a negative way.  The only explanation for this is that he must have fallen on his head or bumped his head and has gone crazy.

“I’m the party platter.” – Lou Williams describing his game.  He’s a 50 piece party platter.  He has a complete game.


“You about to be sent to LA.”  – You are either bringing negative vibes or not discussing basketball, so you will removed from his show.  Not LA Clippers.  Not LA Lakers.  LA CLIPPED.  It’s a first class flight but it’s one way.

“I’m DIIIIIIIFERENT.” – Dion Waiters describing his game.  Others are good, but he’s a very different player entirely.

“You got to tap in, gangster, for the culture.” – When big name players enter Truck’s show, they are asked to come on and participate in the show.


“Kyrie called me his big brother and I’m worrying about what you say?” – Kyrie Irving was on Truck’s show recently and respect Truck by calling him his big brother.  Truck isn’t worried about any hate from anyone else after that.

“The Truck Bryant Show” Podcast is coming very soon.  Stay tuned.