Two West Virginia Legends Compliment Wren Baker

Morgantown, West Virginia – Today, Adam “Pacman” Jones appeared on The Pat McAfee Show and discussed the hiring women’s basketball head coach Mark Kellogg.

McAfee said the following about the hiring: “Mark Kellogg is a dog! West Virginia has access to money now with this NIL thing. West Virginia was irrelevant, kind of, when they went to the Big 12. West Virginia and the Big 12 have not been a good fit at all. Travel, marketing, exposure, everything, I just don’t necessarily think it’s been a good move. But with NIL, we have money now.”

Pacman Jones chimed in, saying, “Yeah, we have money now and we have a new athletic director, Mr. (Wren) Baker. I had a chance to meet him when I was there. Unbelievable guy. We talked about all of the different things that we’re trying to do to get West Virginia back on top. With all the stuff I’ve learned over the last month, two months, West Virginia is rounding up funds to pay to play.”

McAfee, Jones and all of McAfee’s co-hosts then broke out singing “Country Roads.” Take a look at the entire conversation below: