University of Georgia Recommends Masks During Sex to Students

Students will start pouring into universities around the country over the next several weeks and schools are preparing for life during COVID by coming up with safety measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

The University of Georgia released “COVID-19 Considerations” to their student body and some of the safety measures are a bit excessive.  For example, the University Health Center at the University of Georgia recommends students “practice solo sex” (masturbation), “wash hands and objects with warm water for 20 seconds for and after sexual activity”, “avoid vaginal and anal sex” and, perhaps most ridiculous, “consider wearing a face mask during sex.”

The reason for wearing the mask, according to the University Health Center, is that “heavy breathing and panting can further spread the virus, and wearing a mask can reduce the risk.”


Although mask wearing during physical intimacy could perhaps reduce the spread of COVID, it’s unlikely that many college students will follow this particular consideration.


West Virginia University has released “Coronavirus Modifications” to the faculty/staff, featuring practical/common sense measures to prevent the spread, but has yet to release any official considerations for students.  Could the considerations made by the University of Georgia also be considered by WVU and other academic institutions around the country?

Check out West Virginia University’s “Coronavirus Modifications” for Faculty/Staff here: