Update on the QB Battle Between Doege and Kendall

Now that we actually have a football schedule, let’s talk a little football. Today, we will be talking about how the quarterback battle is beginning to shape up between Jarret Doege and Austin Kendall for the Mountaineers.



Yesterday, the University released an update on how the Mountaineers are faring in training camp, and one of the items on the agenda was the ongoing quarterback battle between Doege and Kendall.

In this report by John Antonik, Brown was quoted in saying the two signal-callers had their moments, but also experienced some head scratchers. The rustiness of not playing since Thanksgiving may have contributed to this, but Brown would state the play of the two was “not exactly” what they want.

Consistency was the glaring issue between the two. Both hit some solid passes, including home run balls — but the work is still there to be done.

There is no indication as to which way Brown is leaning in the battle, but with the opener being only roughly five weeks away, the winner of the competition will likely be announced sooner rather than later.