Virginia News Reporter Bashes West Virginians, Then Apologizes to Save Her Job

Morgantown, West Virginia – Prior to the West Virginia versus Virginia Tech game in Blacksburg, Virginia, Riley Wyant, an NBC12 news reporter, posted a disparaging message about West Virginians in a since-deleted tweet.

Wyant, who describes herself as a “4 time AP award-winning reporter” on her account, said the following before attending the game: “My friends and I order 145 toothbrushes to hand out to WVU fans because “they don’t have dental care in the state.”

After the obvious backlash from people in West Virginia, Wyant was seemingly forced to make an apology to save her job: “I want to apologize for an insensitive post that I made yesterday about West Virginia that was unprofessional, careless, and has hurt many people. It was behavior that honestly isn’t just unacceptable for a journalist, but for anyone.”

Wyant continued: “My comments do not reflect the values of any of my colleagues or NBC12. I am embarrassed and promise to do better to work hard to regain your trust.”