We Deserve to Know Whether Neal Brown Interviews at Auburn or Not

Morgantown, West Virginia – The silence from Neal Brown is palpable.  There is incredible mystery surrounding his potential interview with Auburn.

Will Neal Brown interview, or not?

West Virginians deserve to know.  If he does have interest in Auburn and does in fact interview for the position, it’s imperative that he tells Mountaineer Nation why he made that decision.

Is it about money?  Is it a better opportunity at winning a national championship?  Is there an issue at West Virginia that we don’t know about?  Is Auburn a dream scenario for him?

In fact, we deserve even more details.  Has he had contact with Auburn?  Has his agent reached out to them?  Have they officially reached out to him?

The unnecessary confidentiality is very unbecoming, and it’s starting to feel like Brown will never publicly address these rumors and that it will be swept under the rug, particularly if he interviews and doesn’t get the job.

Instead of addressing the rumors, one of the ragtag West Virginia media members will grow a pair and finally break down and ask him the question that the whole state wants to know: “Were you interested in the Auburn head coach position?”

From what we’ve learned about Brown, his answer will be something along the lines of this: “I’m not going to address rumors or speculation.  I’m not a candidate there now.”  

And we’ll be forced to move on without any real intimate knowledge whether Neal Brown truly is in it for the climb, or if he has a wondering eye and is looking for his first legitimate ticket out of Morgantown.

This is how West Virginia University (and apparently, Neal Brown) operates.  Perhaps this perceived interest from a big-time program like Auburn will compel (West Virginia Director of Athletics) Shane Lyons to offer Brown a contract extension.  Or maybe we’ll simply move on without knowing exactly what happened over the past few days.

Either way, it’s unacceptable for an entire fanbase to wonder whether their head coach really wants to be here or not.  Is Neal Brown truly in it for The Climb?  We may never know.