We Want Neal Brown to Stay…but only if he really wants to be here

Morgantown, West Virginia – West Virginians are among the most loyal, devoted people in the world.  That is until you wrong them.

If Neal Brown in fact does interview for the Auburn position, he better get it.  Interviewing for other positions and then trying to return to the current employer may work elsewhere, but not in West Virginia.

Brown is one of five to seven candidates for the vacancy and his chances of actually landing the job seems somewhat slim.  Why would he actually interview for a position that he has little chance of getting unless he really doesn’t want to be in Morgantown any longer?

Perhaps he wants a contract extension, or more money, or maybe he views Auburn as an opportunity that he can’t pass up.  However, none of these are good reasons in the eyes of the people of West Virginia.

West Virginians will take his desire to pursue a better opportunity as the ultimate betrayal.  Brown asking fans to trust the climb for two years and then bolting at the first chance would be a slap in the face to West Virginians who value honesty and integrity over everything else.

We all hope that these rumors are complete fabrications and that Neal Brown will stay at West  Virginia University for many, many years to come.  We want him to be offered one of the best, most desirable positions in college football and pass on it because he has it so good here.

Auburn is a top ten college football program in the country, but we believe that there’s no place better than what we have here in Morgantown, West Virginia.

We want Neal Brown to be pursued by every big-time program that has an opening and we want Brown to say he’s not interested in going anywhere else.  We want Neal Brown to be our head coach, but only if he really wants to be here.