We Will Hold Neal Brown Accountable

Morgantown, West Virginia – While the rest of the weak, infirm, neutered West Virginia press corps will continue to ask their typical “Tell us about the defense, Neal” or “Neal, how do you feel about your special teams today?” questions, The Voice of Motown will simply not stand for anything less than full disclosure and transparency.

The good people of the state of West Virginia deserve answers to real questions and we will press and fight for the truth.

When Neal Brown claimed that “everything is on the table to fix this team”, that means widespread and dramatic changes should be expected.  Simply maintaining the status quo is unacceptable and should not…will not be tolerated.

In order to win back the trust and respect of every West Virginian invested in the Mountaineers, Brown must not only make sweeping adjustments, he must also answer the following very important questions.

Why do you refuse to hire an offensive coordinator?  Virtually every major program in the country has an offensive coordinator.  Why have you not already done this?  Are you happy with the offensive product that you’ve put on the field?

Since you’ve been the head coach at West Virginia, the offensive line has struggled.  What changes have you made to improve the line play?  Are you comfortable with the job that Matt Moore has done as the offensive line coach? 

Where is Kerry Martin, Jr. and why did he not travel with the team to Baylor?  Why has his playing time decreased dramatically?  

Why does Garrett Greene have a different package of plays than Jarret Doege?  Do you believe that Greene is not capable of making the same reads or throws as Doege?  

Why do you appear to be very forgiving of Jarret Doege’s mistakes but not forgiving of Greene’s?  

Why do you run the Run Pass Option (RPO) offense with Jarret Doege as the quarterback?  Teams are clearly able to focus on the running back without the chance of Doege keeping the ball and running it. 

What specific changes do you plan to make during the bye week prior to the game at TCU on October 23?  Please be very specific, Neal.  

The honeymoon is over for Neal Brown at West Virginia.  This whole aw shucks demeanor and nice guy act isn’t cutting it, and Brown has major changes to make to win over the trust and confidence of an entire state.

No more talking about it, Neal.  It’s time for action.