West Virginia Announces the Return of Press Virginia

Morgantown, West Virginia – Last season, Bob Huggins said that he didn’t have the personnel to use the highly effective “Press Virginia” strategy that he’s utilized in the past.

Press Virginia refers to constant defensive pressure and a full-court press. Today, the Mountaineers added Joe Toussaint, a transfer guard from Iowa, and Muhamed Wague, a junior college power forward. In addition, West Virginia also gained a commitment from Erik Stevenson, a senior guard from South Carolina.

With the changes in the roster, Huggins now must feel like his team is ready to finally return to Press Virginia.

On the official West Virginia Mountaineers Basketball updated its profile to read “#PressVirginia”, revealing that it’s officially back!

During Bob Huggins’ tenure at West Virginia, his teams that have used Press Virginia have been very successful so a return to it is very exciting for the future of the program!