West Virginia Assistant Says Some Players Aren’t Tough Enough to Play for Bob Huggins

Morgantown, West Virginia – Following recent comments by former West Virginia players about Bob Huggins and his coaching style, Mountaineers assistant coach Erik Martin came to Huggins’ defense on social media.

Martin posted a video of Huggins’ former player, Kenyon Martin, who played for the Cincinnati Bearcats in college.

Coach Martin included a subtitle that read, “Some can handle it…some can’t.” This, of course, was a not-so-subtle jab at Jalen Bridges and the other players who recently transferred from the program. Coach Martin seems to be implying that some players are tough enough to handle Huggins’ coaching and some are simply not tough enough to deal with it.

The video shows Kenyon Martin describing Huggins as the best coach he ever played for. “He’s the best because of how he is with his guys, how he cares about his guys, how he gets his guys to buy in. He does and says a lot behind the scenes to get you to believe that you can accomplish greatness.

He got so much out of me and pushed me to be who I am. He made me a better me.”

Check out the entire video below: