West Virginia is Charging HOW MUCH for a Coliseum Seat?

West Virginia University has finally decided to replace their old, antiquated, 50 year old seats in the Coliseum.  According to the press release from WVU, “The West Virginia University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, in conjunction with the Mountaineer Athletic Club (MAC), is offering fans the opportunity to own a piece of history by purchasing the old WVU Coliseum seats.”

The seats, which would likely sell for under $10 anywhere else or under any other circumstance, are listed at $150 “as is.”  The seats only include the plastic seatback and bottom.

While these seats are a part of West Virginia’s incredible basketball history, the completely random and arbitrary markup is simply unfair.  How does West Virginia University decide on the $150 price tag per seat?

The conversation had to have gone something like this: “Of course the seats are completely worthless and should be immediately trashed, but we could probably actually sell them to nostalgic suckers.  Oh yeah, that’s a great idea, but for how much?  Oh, I don’t know, how about $150?  Perfect.”

It’s just so random.  Why not $200 each?  Or $500?  The Coliseum seats 14,000 people.  14,000 times $150 equals $2.1 million.  Of course West Virginia University was kind enough to offer current season ticket holders the opportunity to buy their seats for $100, so ultimately the university will make substantially less than $2 million on this.  Let’s say $1.5 million.

Still, $1.5 million is a tremendous haul for what amounts to trash.  West Virginia University is notoriously cheap and will do anything to save money.  This is another outstanding ploy by the university and I for one will be the first in line for this marvelous, extraordinary, worthless piece of junk.