West Virginia is Nicco Marchiol’s Team Now

Morgantown, West Virginia – As soon as Jarret Doege announced that he was leaving West Virginia and will find a new home in 2022, the West Virginia Mountaineers became Nicco Marchiol’s team.

Marchiol is a different level player and the type of quarterback that doesn’t often end up at West Virginia University. Although he will have an overwhelming amount of pressure on him to come in and rescue the program next season, he can handle that.

If anyone can come in and start for the West Virginia Mountaineers as a true freshman, it’s Nicco Marchiol.  If you haven’t seen his high school highlights, it’s a must-see.  He’s playing against the top competition in the nation and he just finds ways to win football games.  He has the body and talent to be effective from Day 1.

“He’s got some ‘it’ factor,” Neal Brown said of Marchiol. “He’s going to be a guy that’s a fan favorite from day 1. He’s got the charisma. He’s got strong leadership capabilities. He’s a student of the game. He loves football. He’s been groomed from an early age by his father Ken to be a Division One and and hopefully an NFL quarterback.”

Brown continued: “He’s the first to congratulate his teammates when they score. He meets the defense when they come off the field and he’s got those other intangibles that makes you say these are the things that really takes someone that’s really talented and makes them special.”

With Doege now gone, Marchiol will compete against Garrett Greene and Will “Goose” Crowder to become West Virginia’s next starting quarterback.

Although Greene has the most seniority, Brown was clearly hesitant to allow him to throw the ball downfield and it certainly didn’t appear that he was being groomed to be the team’s next starter.

Brown has gushed over Crowder, saying, “I’m really excited about him. He can really throw the ball, he’s been a terrific leader on the scout team and he just completes passes.  I’m really excited about Goose.” However, Crowder lacks experience and it’s unlikely that he would make a player like Marchiol sit behind him and wait his turn.

With that said, it’s Nicco’s time. Following Doege’s announcement, Nicco posted the following message on his social media account to say his “journey starts now.”

It’s his time to shine. The West Virginia Mountaineers are Nicco Marchiol’s team now.