West Virginia Isn’t the WORST Team in the Big 12


Cover Photo: Tyler Prusina, The DA

Morgantown, West Virginia – During the preseason, we all had expectations on what the Big 12 would look like this season. Oklahoma and Baylor would round out the top, Oklahoma State and Texas would be competing for that third-place spot. Kansas State, WVU, and Texas Tech would be in the middle of the pack, and TCU and Kansas would be the bottom dwellers. Surprisingly in a weird Big 12, Oklahoma is the worst team in the league, and Kansas and TCU are the two best teams in the league.

Now, you might be thinking, isn’t West Virginia the worst team in the league? No, they aren’t. Oklahoma is much worse, and has a real shot of being blown out by WEST VIRGINIA in Morgantown on November 12th.

Even though WVU played against Texas’s backup quarterback last week, they didn’t have the neutral site advantage that Oklahoma had today. WVU played in a HOSTILE environment against a Texas team that is proving itself to NOT be out of the Big 12 title race by any stretch. Oklahoma played against the EXACT same defense that WVU did, but West Virginia was able to put up 20 points against them and not completely embarrass themselves.

Oklahoma could not say the same this week with a 49-0 loss to the same Texas team that gave up 20 points to WVU last week. The Red River Showdown takes place in a neutral site field that is 50/50 for each fan base and by the time the second half started, the Sooners side started to leave like rats on a sinking ship.

Then who can Oklahoma even beat this season?

Honestly, there may not be another win on their schedule. The worst team that Oklahoma plays this season is West Virginia. I would say that would be a win if that was in Norman, but it is in Morgantown. The other plausible win they MIGHT have is against Iowa State, and that AGAIN is an away game for them. Oklahoma has Kansas next week, and the Jayhawks will be out for blood after today’s heartbreaking loss against TCU.

How big would a win against the Sooners be for the Mountaineers?

For WVU and our fanbase? HUGE. WVU has never beaten OU since joining the Big 12. It doesn’t matter how bad Oklahoma is, a win against the Sooners before they leave for the SEC will be a MASSIVE momentum boost for the Mountaineers.