West Virginia Legend Retires from the Game of Basketball

Morgantown, West Virginia – Darryl “Truck” Bryant, who played for the West Virginia Mountaineers from 2008-2012, has had a successful career playing professional basketball all around the world since graduating from WVU.

Bryant, 31, has played in Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, just to name a few, and today, he announced that he has retired from the game of basketball.

On his personal Instagram account, Bryant said the following: “I want to thank my family, friends, coaches and teammates first! Don’t even know where to start but the game of basketball meant the world to me and it still does. Just a kid from Brooklyn, New York from the trenches that traveled to 12 different countries to play and also won 3 championships!

I wanted to go back to play but I thought this was the best decision for me and my family. I own 3 businesses right now and I will pursue that and not basketball anymore. My daughters will finally get to see me when they want and that’s what I enjoy the most. No more missed holidays and I will be home to enjoy every moment! This is tough writing this because basketball has been all I’ve known since I was 7 years old but it has been real and the game has treated me so well!

Blood, sweat and tears for years and it has finally come to an end. I retire from the game of basketball. 25 out!”

Bryant, who averaged 19.7 points his senior year at West Virginia, was a key member of the 2010 NCAA Final Four team. In addition to owning businesses, Bryant also has a successful podcast called The Truck Bryant Show.