West Virginia Named a Top 5 Worst Fanbase

Morgantown, West Virginia – “Sir Yacht”, a low-level sports content creator and co-host of the Yacht Club Podcast, put out his “top ten worst college football fans” and West Virginia made the list.

Sir Yacht, who recently claimed to have an “inside source” that informed him that the Big Ten would re-consider their decision to cancel the 2020-2021 and that they would actually play this season.  However, like many of his predictions, that never panned out.

Yacht labeled the Mountaineers fanbase as the 5th worst in the country.  However, his reasoning for putting the Mountaineers in the Top 5 was absolutely ridiculous and small-minded.  In his social media post, Yacht said the following: “#5 is West Virginia because it’s hard to be nice to opposing fanbases when you’re married to your cousin-wife.”


Although he’s certainly welcome to have his opinion, stereotypes like this are unfortunate.  In addition, since when does “being nice to opposing fanbases” make your fans great?  West Virginia has the most loyal, passionate fans in the nation and lists like this are ignorant and uninformed.

Here’s the rest of the Sir Yacht’s Top Ten Worst Fanbases


10. Ohio State

9. Michigan

8.  Florida State

7. Clemson

6. Tennessee

5. West Virginia

4. LSU

3. Georgia

2. Alabama

  1. Notre Dame