West Virginia Picked to Win the Big 12 Conference

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — The West Virginia Mountaineers put together a strong 2023-2024 season, finishing 9-4 overall and 6-3 in the Big 12 Conference. With this growth and success comes major expectations from the media and college football experts.

On today’s Andy Staples‘ show on X, Ari Temkin, the Host of “Big 12 Radio” on SiriusXM, predicted that West Virginia will have a huge season in 2024-2025.

“The team that I think will not only play in the Big 12 Championship but also win the Big 12 Championship is the West Virginia Mountaineers. Neal Brown going from the hot seat to holding up the trophy! I really like Neal Brown and I was really happy for him getting off the hot seat. He basically coached his way off the off seat, he did a tremendous job last season. The way that they’ve reorganized their collective (Country Roads Trust), they didn’t lose anybody that they cared about keeping in 2022-2023, the same thing this year, they got everyone back that they wanted to keep. This is a fun group! This is a fun team to watch”

Staples and Temkin continued: “If you watched him at Troy, last year kind of felt like how it played out at Troy right before things blew up and won 10 games in back to back seasons there. It just feels like things are starting to fall into place. It felt like Neal Brown was just a guy patrolling the sidelines in his first couple of years in Morgantown, and now this is Neal Brown’s program. He came out of spring practice and said that the offensive line is going to be a strength – he just lost Zach Frazier and Doug Nestor, who are both tremendous players, what do you mean it’s going to be a strength of this team? I love the confidence he has and he does have some dudes there. The reason I think I’m picking West Virginia to win the Big 12 is because I think they are better than any other team in the conference on both sides of the line. They have, arguably, the best quarterback in the conference in Garrett Greene, who just scratchedd the surface of his potential last season. I’m really high on the offensive line and on Garrett Greene, and we’ve heard all of the right things in Morgantown during this off-season, and I like their schedule, too.”

“Garrett Greene is a dual threat and Jahiem White averaged 7.7 yards per carry as a freshman last season. Now CJ Donaldson is the big back, the bruiser, but Jahiem White is the guy who should really scare you. In fact, he’s the guy that I’m going to pick to win the Big 12 Conference Player of the Year. He’s going to be the guy, and he’s going to get the carries that he needs. They have other mouths to feed with players like Donaldson, but I just think White is going to be so good.”

“Wow, the West Virginia Mountaineers, the 2024-2025 Big 12 Champions, College Football Playoffs participant, and in this case, a bye in the CFP, a possible Top 4 seed! Let’s get some Tudor’s Biscuits and celebrate!”

Check out the full clip below (West Virginia portion begins at 1 hour and 29 minutes in):