West Virginia Player Accused of Making Inappropriate Gestures to Texas Tech Students

Cover photo by Gus Schlomer

Morgantown, West Virginia – During West Virginia’s loss 75-68 loss to Texas Tech, Mountaineers’ senior forward Dimon Carrigan was accused of making inappropriate sexual gestures at the Red Raiders’ student section.

Several Texas Tech students spoke out on social media, saying West Virginia players were disrespectful and pointed out Carrigan as the main culprit.

”Bob Huggins and his staff allow their players to do explicit motions toward girls in the stands implying certain actions and allows them to cuss at students as if they aren’t on the bench representing their university,” one Texas Tech student posted after the game. “I’ve never seen or heard a more disrespectful basketball team than West Virginia. The coaches should be embarrassed.”

Another Texas Tech fan had the following to say: “Making sexual gestures, calling women disrespectful terms, charging a team’s student section and mocking students while you are on the court is not the actions of a man but a boy.”

Carrigan responded to the accusations on his social media account by saying, “I’m a man before anything and I’m far from perfect. I play with my emotions on my sleeve. Might not make the best decision but my heart is in the right place.”

Carrigan went on to add, “Texas Tech fans are hilarious. I’ve never had an altercation with any other student section in my 5 years of college basketball. So maybe I was provoked and they said the right things to trigger me.”