West Virginia Player Calls Out Defensive Coordinator

Morgantown, West Virginia – Moments ago, KJ Martin, a sophomore safety from Charleston, West Virginia, posted a message on Twitter saying, “I’ve been contemplating about posting but we need a change in our program.”

Martin said in his message: “I myself have dealt with mistreatment and racism growing up in West Virginia, but I never would’ve thought I would deal with it while at school I’m supposed to be able to call home with my own position coach, Vic Koenning.

Starting back in Spring 2019, Coach Vic has antagonized Derrek Pitts for believing in something that he didn’t believe.  He would make remarks about the Bible and talk about religion in front of Derrek, making him want to question things he believed.  Dating back in April of 2019 when coaches were out on the road recruiting he visited my old high school coach and had a conversation with my coach.  I was not told anything that was said in the conversation but my coach did tell me that my position coach had a “slave master” mentality based off the conversation that was had and my old high school coach is a Caucasian man.”

Martin went on to accuse Coach Koening of “calling him a retard for doing the wrong technique.”  Koening also said, according to Martin, that if “rioters and protesters did not want to get tear gassed, or push back from police then they shouldn’t be outside protesting.”

Martin finished by saying, “No, Coach Vic is not a bad person and he does mean well in many aspects but his heinous actions towards us overrules the good things he has done and many of us are uncomfortable with being around him.”

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