West Virginia Player Stands Up For Head Coach Neal Brown

Morgantown, West Virginia – Following an article The Voice of Morgantown released yesterday called “Former Player Explains Why So Many Players Are Leaving West Virginia”, one current player on the team has refuted what was said.

Brandon Yates, a redshirt sophomore offensive lineman for the Mountaineers, said that the players on the team support Neal Brown and took issue with some of the quotes from his former teammate.

Yates had the following to say: “This is sickening to see. I don’t know whoever this ‘source’ is but this is disgusting. This is the reason why we haven’t been successful…guys in the locker room who aren’t all in. You can’t play football half in and half out. I love this program.”

Yates added, “Some guys have their reasons for going and I hope that goes well for them. Blaming Coach Brown when all he has done is come in to work every day and try to develop us as men and players. It is crazy to see men act like this.”

Yates closed by saying, “And praying for another man’s downfall is especially weird. I promise you we are all behind Coach Brown and the staff is ready to work. If you don’t like it I’m pretty sure the portal is very inviting.”


  • Great to hear that Brandon Yates has had a positive experience at West Virginia University. There has been very little positivity out of the football program in a very long time.
  • The “source” is one of his former teammates and many other former players have said the same things.
  • Neal Brown coming into work every day and trying to develop players doesn’t make him a good head coach or the right man for the job. No one has questioned his effort or intentions.
  • I would love to hear more players come out and support Neal Brown. This is the first time that I recall since he’s been on the hot seat that a player has publicly supported him.

“Former Player Explains Why So Many Players Are Leaving West Virginia”

Former Player Explains Why So Many Players Are Leaving West Virginia