West Virginia Senator Calls BLM Stickers on Helmets “Hate Speech”

Morgantown, West Virginia – Sen. Eric Tarr, R-Putnam of West Virginia sent a letter to West Virginia University and Marshall on September 20th, expressing his displeasure with the schools’ support of Black Lives Matter and use of the “BLM” decals on helmets.

In the letter, Tarr states, “I find it disturbing that West Virginia University and Marshall University resources are being used to promote the very same hate speech that is inciting riots, asssassination of police officers, and denigration of our Republic.  To this point, West Virginia has been very blessed that our citizens have not accepted this anarchist behavior. That does not mean we are immune to it.”

Tarr continued: “The Universities with which you are charged to lead are the flagships of the great State of West Virginia. Please treat them as such, not as vehicles for anarchy or political propaganda.”

The letter went on to call the Black Lives Matter movement a “domestic terrorist group.”

West Virginia quickly responded by saying, “West Virginia University and its athletics department must ensure a safe and equitable environment for our students and staff. We have an obligation to peacefully stand up against hatred, intolerance and racism.  Our student athletes and staff are united to bring about a positive and peaceful change to our great country. As Mountaineers, we would not have it any other way.”