West Virginia Should Allow a FULL Stadium for Season Opener

Morgantown, West Virginia – While many schools have announced either no or limited attendance for the upcoming season, West Virginia should do the opposite and announce no restrictions on attendance.  In fact, West Virginia University should encourage a packed, sold-out venue for the season opener against Eastern Kentucky on September 12th at Milan Puskar Stadium.

During Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby’s announcement that the conference will move forward with football this Fall, he said the following:  “Attendance is in the hands of local officials.  Fans of college football are a huge part of the game day experience.  I think we can agree that we won’t have full stadiums, though.”

The idea of sending school-age children back to schools in small, indoor classrooms but not allowing full attendance at an outdoor venue like Milan Puskar Stadium is neither rational or reasonable.  If local officials determine that children can return to classrooms safely, they certainly should also allow full attendance at West Virginia football games.


This virus is a part of our world and is in our community.  However, simple, common sense measures can be taken to prevent death.  For instance, mandatory mask-wearing in the stadium should be announced and people over the age of 55 should probably stay home and cheer on the Mountaineers from their living rooms. In other words, allow fans should be allowed to determine what is safe for them.  Older people with underlying health issues should sit this one out, but reasonably healthy people under the age of 55 should be allowed to attend.

The likely transmission of this virus in an outdoor stadium is so microscopically low that West Virginia University can honestly say that a full, packed Mountaineer Field is not only safe but exactly what West Virginia fans need right now.


Shane Lyons, local officials, be bold, be brave and be the first to announce full, unrestricted attendance for the upcoming football season.  While other schools will play in front of no fans or 25% attendance, allow West Virginia fans to pack Milan Puskar Stadium on September 12.