West Virginia Star Says Mountaineers Will Shock the World

Cover Photo: Gus Schlomer, The Voice of Motown

Morgantown, West Virginia – Following West Virginia 79-63 win over Iowa State – their first win in eight games – it appeared that many of the Mountaineers have regained their confidence.

In fact, senior guard Taz Sherman, who came back from missing a game with a concussion, scored 18 points and added 8 rebounds and 6 assists, feels that West Virginia is finally back on track and ready to make some major noise.

“Once we get this turned around, I feel like we’re going to shock a whole to of people,” Sherman said. “Even though we know and the coaching staff knows what we can do, we’re going to shock the world when we do.”

The next two games are extremely important for the Mountaineers. Both are huge, winnable road games against Oklahoma State and Kansas State.

West Virginia has eight remaining games and likely needs to win at least 3, perhaps four of those games to feel safe about being selected to play in the NCAA Tournament. Although most of the remaining games are winnable, they are also challenging games that the Mountaineers could easily lose if they are not locked in.