West Virginia Thinking BIG Big

West Virginia Mountaineers Austin Kendall talks with Josh Sills on Monday.

In a recent photo shared by Alex Hickey on Twitter, the Mountaineers have added a new piece to their schedule wall in the Puskar Center. On this wall, the Mountaineers list their opponents for the season, but usually it is restricted to the 12 regular season games. This season, with second year head Coach Neal Brown at the helm, the Mountaineers have higher aspirations.

Underneath the 12-game regular season schedule, the Mountaineers have added a 13th addition. However, it is not the Big 12 Championship nor the hope of just a bowl game. No, the Mountaineers have set their aspirations on the College Football Playoff.

To many, after a 5-7 season, this seems as a bit of a stretch. The feeling around this Mountaineer team is that they will be the most improved team in the nation in 2020. If the locker room feels that way, then the fanbase should too. It remains to be seen if the Mountaineers make the playoff in 2020, but the confidence displayed by this squad is an excellent sign.