West Virginia Will Ride Jarret Doege to Success

Football is a team game and putting the hopes and dreams of an entire state on the arm of a 21 year old might seem unfair, but WVU football is the only game in town and the Mountaineers mean everything to the state of West Virginia.

Jarret Doege, the Redshirt Junior transfer from Bowling Green, is the best hope for West Virginia to win a Big 12 Conference Championship and compete for a National Championship.  With a wealth of experience and two full years remaining, Doege  is exactly who the Mountaineers need to go from “trusting to climb” to “pinnacle of success.”

Doege has been outstanding in his two starts as the West Virginia quarterback, throwing for 660 yards, 5 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.  More impressively, he has shown a confidence and cool in the pocket, as well as an ability to throw downfield consistently to young, inexperienced receivers who are still learning to play the game.

Doege is surrounded by young talent and although they have struggled with consistency this season, they are ultra-talented.  Sam James, Bryce Wheaton, Winston Wright, Isaiah Esdale, as well as veterans T.J. Simmons and potentially Doege’s roommate George Campbell – who will apply for a 6th season – will be be back and better than ever, with game experience playing alongside Doege.

The Mountaineers, currently ranked the 119th offense out of 130 teams nationally in total yards per game (256.9 yards passing, 72.1 yards rushing and 329.0 total yards), will show massive growth next season.  There is really nowhere to go but up for the West Virginia offense and Doege gaining nearly four games of experience this season while not losing any future eligibility will be invaluable for the entire offense.

Make no mistake, there will not be a quarterback competition with Austin Kendall in the offseason and this is now Jarret Doege’s team.  This is a lot of pressure to put on any young man, but Jarret Doege is able to handle it and will even embrace it.  For the next two seasons, Jarret Doege is going to be relied on to carry the responsibility of leading the Mountaineers and he’ll either buckle under the pressure or rise to the occasion.  I believe he’ll rise up and lead West Virginia to greatness.