West Virginia’s Old Rivals Could Soon Join the Big 12

Morgantown, West Virginia – There are so many moving parts in conference realignment right now, but the latest rumor that has come out today is that current ACC teams North Carolina, Florida State, Clemson and Virginia are negotiating to join the SEC.

How would this affect West Virginia? If North Carolina, Florida State, Clemson and Virginia all leave the ACC, the conference would have a very difficult time surviving. If the ACC’s top teams are poached, current ACC teams Boston College, Syracuse, Duke, Pitt, North Carolina State, Louisville, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Miami would all likely be left searching for a new home.

If this happens, the Big 12 would be wise to add teams like Pitt, Virginia Tech, Louisville and Miami – many of West Virginia’s old Big East rivals – to the current group of teams in the conference.

Remember, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah are already rumored to be headed to the Big 12. Adding Pitt, Virginia Tech, Louisville and Miami would make the Big 12 a coast-to-coast mega conference and it would give the Mountaineers regional and historical rivalries.

West Virginia staying put in the Big 12 Conference with its former rivals appears to be the very best, most ideal situation for the Mountaineers at this point. However, again, this is a very fluid situation and could change in the very next minute.