West Virginia’s Potential Future Heisman Contender

(Photo From TakeMeHome22.com)

CJ Donaldson, the Tight End turned Running Back has played lights out for West Virginia in EVERY game that he has played for the Mountaineers this season!

In all but one game (against Kansas), Donaldson has put up 100 yards or more against opponents. What makes that even more impressive is that in the Pitt game (against one of the best defensive lines in the country last year), he had his career high of 125 yards and one touchdown to top it off.

What are Donaldson’s stats per game this season?

Donaldson this season has put up nearly 400 yards of total offense. Against Pitt (as mentioned above) put up 125 yards on 7 attempts averaging 17.9 yards per carry and had one touchdown. Against Kansas, he only had 48 yards on 13 attempts but had two touchdowns. Against Towson, he had 3 touchdowns on 9 carries rushing for 101 yards and averaging 11.2 yards per carry. Finally, against Virginia Tech, he had 23 attempts, 106 yards, and no touchdowns, averaging 4.6 yards per carry.

I know it is very early in his career, and we are only four games into the season, but if he continues to improve every week as he has been, he will be a real threat in College Football in the near future.

The offensive scheme that Offensive Coordinator Graham Harrell makes it a PERFECT environment for Donaldson to be able to show his agility and talent on the offensive side of the ball. No one expected Donaldson to have the breakout start that he has had, but he is continuing to show the world that he is a LEGIT playmaker.

He will not win the Heisman anytime soon, but with the way he is improving, he could really make a name for himself. It is INSANELY difficult for someone other than a quarterback to win the Heisman Trophy, but with his talent and caliber, it is certainly not out of the realm of possibility.