West Virginia’s Sacrificial Lamb

Morgantown, West Virginia – It’s time for Neal Brown to decide whether he wants to keep his buddies as assistants or be a real Power 5 coach and hire effective coaches on his staff.

One assistant that has managed to ride the coattails of Neal Brown is Matt Moore.  Moore has coached alongside Brown at Texas Tech, Troy and now at West Virginia, and they are no doubt very close friends, which will make the inevitable firing of him very difficult.

To be clear, Matt Moore has no business being the offensive line coach at West Virginia University.  The West Virginia offensive line is absolutely loaded with talent and has shown zero improvement in three years.

In 28 games under Neal Brown, the Mountaineers have rushed under 100 yards for 18 of those games.  That’s unbelievable.  In addition, West Virginia is the worst rushing team in the Big 12 Conference.  Yes, behind Kansas.  

Brown simply cannot allow this to continue and axing his longtime friend might be the very best way to buy him some time with the fan base.  While the offensive struggles are certainly not entirely Moore’s fault, the offensive line has never been good since he’s arrived in Morgantown and he will make an easy scapegoat for the struggles.

Firing Matt Moore is the first step in Brown winning back the confidence of the West Virginia fans.  It shows that he is willing to make a cutthroat decision for the betterment of the football program.

Don’t be surprised to hear news of Neal Brown making the very difficult but necessary decision of firing Matt Moore before the Mountaineers take the field again in two weeks.