West Virginia’s X Factor

Morgantown, West Virginia – The West Virginia Mountaineers have struggled to find consistent scoring from many of the starters and key reserves.

In fact, only senior guard Taz Sherman can be relied on to consistently score points for the Mountaineers. Sean McNeil, who is averaging 13.5 points per game this season, often puts together a huge performance one game, then struggles badly the next one. Jalen Bridges is spectacular at times, but frequently disappears for large chunks of games.

West Virginia just has not been able to find that dependable second scorer all season and that has been one of the major issues with the team struggling throughout the year.

Enter Seth Wilson. Wilson, a 6’1 215 pound freshman guard from Lorain, Ohio, is precisely the explosive scorer that Bob Huggins can insert into a game and get immediate results from.

In West Virginia’s 79-63 win over Iowa State, Wilson came into the game in the first half and immediately scored 7 quick points in only a few minutes before Huggins unexpectedly pulled him from the lineup.

“He played great in the first half,” Huggins said. “I just got him out in the second half because he took an early shot. It was a good shot, but I just wanted those other guys who have more experience to finish the game out.”

Interestingly, Huggins has said that Wilson is the team’s best scorer and one of the team’s hardest workers in practice, which leads one to wonder why he doesn’t get more playing time?

Wilson is only averaging 6 minutes per game, but his outstanding performance in practice combined with the team’s lack of consistent scoring should warrant him far more opportunities to shine.

When Seth Wilson was in the game against Iowa State, he looked like the best player on the court and he can be the team’s X Factor down the stretch. Although Taz Sherman, Sean McNeil, Jalen Bridges and Malik Curry are talented scorers, adding Wilson into the mix will only make the Mountaineers more difficult to stop.