What Neal Brown Had to Say After Brutal Loss at Texas

Morgantown, West Virginia – The West Virginia Mountaineers suffered a brutal 38-20 loss at Texas. Here’s what West Virginia head coach Neal Brown had to say following the loss:

“Texas outplayed us early. They really took control early and beat us within the first 15 minutes. We really didn’t make any plays. We had 5 drops and most were on 3rd or 4th downs.”

Brown said that he had four keys to winning prior to the game and that the Mountaineers failed on all four.

Four keys

Turnover margin. “We didn’t get any turnovers on them.”

Rushing game. “They out-rushed us. They had 110 yards, we had 61.”

Explosive plays. “Explosive plays weren’t close. They made a ton of explosive plays and we didn’t.”

Field position and the kicking game. This was probably about even.

Brown closed his statement to the media by saying, “It’s been a tough first five games. We have to get better. We have some pieces that can win games in this league. In this league, you have a chance to win them all and you can also lose them all.”